Two for Tea

Time For Tea is the first half of the seventeenth episode.


Yoko is playing in the sandbox at school, making a Japanese sand and rock garden. She explains it to Nora about how it is different from a regular garden and they sit and enjoy it. When they go inside, Mrs.Jenkins explains that Yoko's mother will come in tomorrow to show the class a Japanese tea ceremony. Nora, believing it will be like a regular tea party, tries to help out but does not understand that is is different. She makes krispie squares (or "marshmallow bars") to help Yoko out, but Yoko and her mother are making green tea and small sweetcakes. When Nora brings the marshmallow krispie squares, party balloons and music to party, Yoko explains that is is different. Nora is dissapointed, but she still enjoys the tea ceremony. When it is time for the sweetcakes, Yoko's mother realizes that she forgot them. After Yoko's mother asks what they are going to do, Yoko says and points out that Nora made krispie squares. So she suggests that they serve Nora's treats instead (even though Yoko's mother forgot the traditional sweets). Then the krispie squares replace the sweet cakes; and the kids have that instead of sweet cakes. As a result, everyone eats them. Yoko says thank you to Nora in Japanese and Nora shouts "You're Welcome!" They both laugh and go outside for recess.


  • When Mrs.Jenkins tells the class that they need to learn to say "thank you" in Japanese, Lilly is a mini Mrs. Jenkins (as she wears the same clothes as Mrs. Jenkins and her fur is the same color as Mrs. Jenkins's).