[[File:Placeholder|right|300px Lost & Found is the second part of the twenty-second episode.


Yoko's mother shows Yoko some Japanese figurines called netsukes, a family of four: Papa, Mama, Sachi & Kiko. Yoko's grandfather made them for her grandmother when they got married. Yoko asks if she can bring them to school, her mother is unsure at first because they are very precious, but after Yoko promises to take care of them, she lets her. At school, Yoko shows them to her class but when some people want to play with them, Mrs. Jenkins and Yoko say no. Yoko puts them back in her cubby. Later, when they are going home, Yoko panicks when the netsuke family are missing and Mrs.Jenkins says she will phone Yoko's mother and say so and the next day they will search for them. Yoko returns home and feels horrible, but her mother tells Yoko it isn't her fault and they will find the family. The next day, they look for the family but do not find them, but many other students find their own missing things. Yoko feels worse. The day after, when they arrive at school, the family are back in Yoko's cubby along with a candy heart that says "Sorry".


  • After Yoko thanks her mother for letting Yoko take the family to school, Papa is shown wearing Sachi's outfit and vice versa.