"Timothy Goes to School"(Episode:)AbracadabraBe My Valentine
CBBCCharlesCharles the Athlete”
FritzFull Of BeansGrace
HenryJuanitaJust in Time
LillyLost and Found”Mama Don’t Go
Many Happy ReturnsMeasuring UpMiss Appleberry
Mommy CatMommy RaccoonMrs Jenkins
New Found FranksNick Jr. (block)Nora
Ready Set LearnRocky Friendship”TLC and Discovery Kids
The GreatestThe TaketomboThe Treefort and the Sandcastle”
TimothyTimothy's MomTimothy Goes To School Wiki
Timothy’s Way”Two Tutu FriendsTwo for Tea
When I Grow UpYokoYou’re Invited
“Fritz on the Move“Get Well Soon“Having a Wonderful Time
“In the Spotlight“Making New Friends"“My Family
“Professor Fritz“Read Me a Story“The Friendship Stone”
“The Gift“The School Play“The Shutterbug
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