This episode starts when the Franks go on the school bus. At school, Fritz wants Timothy to help put his stickers in his book. Then a sticker falls out. The kids started laughing because the Franks placed Saturn on the back of Claude's head. Later, Timothy saw Yoko working on her chrysanthemum. But the Franks sneezed on her flower and ruined it. They said they had a cold. When it was recess time, The Franks placed two catterpillars on Doris' head and scared her. These creepy crawlies were made of pipe cleaners. Soon, Charles and Nora where working on a leaf pile. The Franks were spinning like a tornado, not on Charles and Nora, but on their leaf pile which was ruined. The Franks said it was not a real tornado. They said it was a Frank tornado. It was art class. Fritz was painting a picture of the solar system. He was out of black paint. So Mrs. Jenkins said she would get him more from the storage room. When Lilly was painting a picture of a sailboat in the lake, The Franks popped a paper bag and scared Lilly, dropping the paint on the floor. What a mess! Fritz said it was very mean. Later, Grace was painting a picture of herself. The Franks helped her, however they used green paint instead of yellow paint. It ruined her picture, making her very upset. At lunchtime, Frank Two placed squeeze cheese on Frank One's chair. Meanwhile, Frank One sprayed water on Frank Two's face. It was time for square dancing. Nobody wanted to be their partners, not even themselves. Later the Franks did become partners. They said that there will be no more funny business.